Global Sikh Council Dubai meet to address Sikh concerns

The Dubai meet of Global Sikh Council on 17-18 March likely to discuss short-term and long-term Sikh concerns and evolve methodologies for resolution of substantive issues confronting the community.

As Sikhs become global citizens, Sikhs across the wide spectrum are desirous to make impactful contribution to the Sikh world. To deliberate on many burning issues the Sikhs, the Global Sikh Council is holding its annual general meeting and convention in Dubai on 17-18 March.

The meeting will have members from nearly 20 countries sharing their thoughts and ideas on the road ahead for the organisation as well as specific projects that can be initiated for the welfare of the Sikhs as per the current situation and times. Sardar Indarjit Singh -Lord Singh of Wimbledon and NSO Director is facilitating the meet.

Significantly, the meeting before the convention will have lead speakers from the Punjab. Historian, author and activist Ajmer Singh will dwell on needs and role of Sikh youth whereas human rights activist and chief editor of the World Sikh News -Jagmohan Singh will express his views on Sovereignty of Guru Granth Sahib.

Speaking to World Sikh News, the President of the body, Lady Kanwaljit Kaur said, “Global Sikh Council will play a lead role in Sikh affairs. GSC has a vision to resolve Panthic problems and chart the road ahead for the next generation of Sikhs with a global focus.”

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