Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh, the 2nd Shaheed of Amritsar SAka 13 April 1978

Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh was born in the village of Nawan Vaironangal in the Tehsil of Batala at the house of Sardar Achher Singh. At the time of Shaheedi his age was between sixty-five to seventy years old. His mother and father were Amritdhari and he took Amrit at the age of ten. He was exceptionally literate in Gurmat and an accomplished Akhand Paathi, even though he didn’t receive much academic schooling.

In addition to his Panj Banis, his Nitnem also included Asa Di Vaar and Sukhmani Sahib. He remained single for the whole of his life. He stayed at Cheleana Sahib for twenty years and was present at the Shaheedi massacre there. Here he took part in the one hundred and one Akhand Paaths for the Shaheeds. Furthermore, two hundred and two more Akhand Paaths were done for the Shaheeds at the village of Kaleh and Baba Darshan Singh stayed there for one and half years doing Sewa of the Akhand Paaths.

Baba Darshan Singh then stayed at the Gurdwara Guriana Sahib, the historical Gurdwara of the sixth Guru in Vaironangal. There he served as a Granthi and did a lot of Sewa teaching many people Santhiyaa from Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Saroop and helped establish a new generation of Akhand Paathis. He would only eat Bibek food prepared by his own hands and always kept a Sarbloh (iron) Simrana in his hands.

After doing Sewa at Guriana Sahib for about nine or ten years he moved to Dera Mehta. Here, Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa appointed him Jathedar of the land of the Dera. He contributed his pension to the Dera and carried out this Sewa until the final days of his Shaheedi.

Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyare! Parnaam Shaheeda Nu!


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