Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar USA exposed Hindutva Terrorism In United Nation

NewYork(April 14th) India is the country that is pretending to be the world largest democratic country for the last 70 years. But now bloody face of India is coming out. Yesterday the members of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar USA exposed India’s Hindutva terrorism in UNO. According to press released issued by Sardar Amandeep Singh( President Youth Akali Dal Amritsar USA) “Members of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar USA exposed Hindutava terrorism against SC,ST,OBC and minorties in India while Indian officials were celebrating Dr B.R Ambedkar’s jayanti at UNO. When Indian Ambassdor started his speech on the occasion SADA USA members under the leadership of S.Boota Singh Kharoudh and S.Surit Singh Khalsa stood up and tied black pieces of cloth turbans and holded cards of various incidents describing Indian terrorism against SC, ST, OBC and minorities under the name of Hindutava. Protesters doesn’t spoke anything but silently protested against India’s cruelty and exposed the face of Indian so called secularism and democracy in front of the world. While speaking to media SADA USA leader S.Boota Singh Kharoudh said that India is showing fake respect towards Baba Sahib Ambedkar in front of the world but on the other hand more than 500 followers of Baba Sahib are jailed under false charges of sedition just because they demand social, political, economic and religious equality rights. Mr.Singh said India is in state of war against minorities where Brahmanical Government wants people of other sects to be converted in Hinduism if they refuse to do so they must face death. S. Surjit Singh Khalsa said Hindutava terrorism is not just only danger to people living in India But also is danger to world Human Rights and equality based society.

Mr. Khalsa said minorities in India are no more safe in the territory and the world should care for those precious innocent life’s which are ended up by Hinutava terrorists. Talking for Sikhs they said Sikh political prisoners are forcely kept in jails even after completing their sentences and treated as slaves in the country. Where this incident exposed India’s hidden face in the world’s supreme authority UNO expressing how minorities SC, ST, OBC are being killed in India. Indian officials heads are bowed down because their cruelty and terrorism thoughts are exposed world wide.”

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