The Referendum 2020 can influence India’s foreign relations

NewYork (April 24th) Since independence of India, Sikhs have been demanding their separate country Khalistan.

But after the attack on the Akal Takht by the Indian government in June 1984, this demand is being carried out continuously. During the past, while keeping the words of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindanwale, various organizations have been struggling for Khalistan in their own way. The organization Sikhs for Justice has also launched the Referendum 2020 campaign to liberate Punjab from Indian occupation and this campaign is getting a lot of response from the Sikh community abroad, which is why the concerns of India are increasing. Perhaps this is the reason why India keeps complaining about this campaign every day with foreign governments. 

During the last month’s Referendum 2020 Toronto Conference, while commenting on the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau to India Sikhs For Justice International policy director Jatinder Singh Grewal, said that “India’s relations with Canada are getting worse due to the support given to Referendum 2020 and Khalistan”. Mr. Grewal’s statement proved even more true when senior journalist Vikramjeet Singh of India during a TV debate acknowledged that due to the support of the Referendum 2020 in foreign countries, India’s relations with foreign countries could be deteriorating, that has become a cause of great concern for India. 

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