Deadly threat from Modi’s nationalism

Chicago (April 26th) India, who claims to be the world’s largest democracy, but the truth of its fake democracy often comes out in the world. Whether it is a matter of minority assaults or media freedom, there is no democracy seen in India. According to a recent report on media freedom, India has reached 138 out of the world’s 180 countries, which is below Afghanistan. In the 2016 report, India was ranked 133, compared to Pakistan’s number 147 in 2016. But Pakistan improved to 139 and India slipped further down to 138. 

According to the report published by Reporters without Borders, “Deadly threat from Modi’s nationalism – With Hindu nationalists trying to purge all manifestations of “anti-national” thought from the national debate, self-censorship is growing in the mainstream media and journalists are increasingly the targets of online smear campaigns by the most radical nationalists, who vilify them and even threaten physical reprisals. At least three of the journalists murdered in 2017 were targeted in connection with their work. They included the newspaper editor Gauri Lankesh, who had been the target of a hate campaign on social networks. Three other journalists were killed for their professional activity in March 2018. Prosecutions are also used to gag journalists who are overly critical of the government, with some prosecutors invoking Section 124a of the penal code, under which “sedition” is punishable by life imprisonment. No journalist has so far been convicted of sedition but the threat encourages self-censorship. Coverage of regions that the authorities regard as sensitive, such as Kashmir, continues to be very difficult. Foreign reporters are barred from the region and the Internet is often disconnected there. When not detained, Kashmiri journalists working for local media outlets are often the targets of violence by soldiers acting with the central government’s tacit consent”. 

Sources – 2018 World Press Freedom Index

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