National Sikh Day (Sikh Freedom March) Celebration on 19th Of May in Washington D.C.

NewYork (May 3rd) With the blessing of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and support from all Gurudwara committees as well as Sikh Religious Organizations, Sikh community is celebrating Vaisakhi (Birthday of Khalsa) with “National Sikh Day Parade (Sikh Freedom March)” on April 7th, 2018 at uWashington D.C. An information provided by S. Himmat Singh, a coordinator of Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast (SCCEC), the committee represents all gurudwaras and Sikh Religious Organizations in East Coast region of United States, and has organized this parade on May 19th, 2018. This committee was founded in 2015 after Guru Granth Sahib desecration in Bargadi, Punjab. In this short period of time, the committee made some big accomplishments such as “Recognizes the historic, cultural, and religious significance of the festival of Vaisakhi”. (For more detail about this bill, please follow this link: Even, other different states in U.S. named Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Indiana also recognize April 14th as a ‘National Sikh Day’. In addition to this, the state government of New Jersey approved April as a ‘Sikh Awareness Month’.

By having this parade in the capital city of United States, the large gathering and collective efforts will raise an awareness regarding the uniqueness of the Sikh community, and will spread a message of our freedom. To make this event successful, the committee cordially invite you to join this parade with your families and friends.





2 Comments on “National Sikh Day (Sikh Freedom March) Celebration on 19th Of May in Washington D.C.”

  1. This is a very good and worthwhile effort.
    Trying to unite the Guru Nanak Nava Leva Sikh Sangat all over the world.
    Das Harpreet Singh from City Kapurthala (Punjab) to Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
    I pray like this By organizing a co-ordination with all Sikh organizations in this National Sikh Day (Sikh Freedom March) Celebration on 19th of May in Washington D. C., make this day a memorable day that the entire world is remembered.
    Thank you to all

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