For Sikhs “Independent Punjab Khalistan is the Only Option- Dr Bakhshish Singh

India has an elaborate plan to enslave Sikhs and has largely been executing well. But the times have changed as they always do. Now the Sikhs are worldwide strong and the landscape of the struggle has changed.
India has been using all sorts of tactics since and before 1947 including but not limited to attacks on Golden Temple Amritsar in 1955, June 1984, November 1984 Sikh Genocide, foiled Operation Shanti, Operation Woodrose and Operations Black thunder I and II. Included in this plan is to keep Sikhs weak economically and politically. India is trying to portray Sikhs as terrorists on the world stage while India herself is the real terrorist and Sikhs are the victim of the same. India is trying to intimidate and embarrass our friends worldwide. India has paid bounties to Sikhs to kill Sikhs. It is much different than the treatment meted out to Sikhs by the Mughals in that our enemy is disguised as a friend who has forever been sinister. There is lot more to say but the point is clear, India has been deploying every method to undercut the Sikhs.
My message is for those Sikhs who don’t believe that all of above is happening in a well-planned fashion.
Khalsa Ji wake up and stop keeping your heads buried in sand. Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. Let’s not repeat it. The best predictor of future genocide is the previous genocide in which the culprits are not punished. Let’s not allow another genocide.
What have Sikhs done to India to deserve this? Perhaps freeing India from the atrocious rules of Mughals and the British.
My question to fellow Sikhs is that as

India is hell bent on carrying out all of above, what is in your sleeves? What is your defense? What is your plan?
Referendum 2020 is the answer.
India has done her own referendums. Ours is no different.
Support referendum 2020.
Bakhshish Singh Sandhu Md
President Council of Khalistan

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