RanaPartap Singh acquitted in murder case

Chicago(May 10) Almost five years after being arrested and held at Nabha Maximum Security Prison, Bhai RanaPartap Singh has today been acquitted of the murder charge bought against him by the notorious Panjab Police.

Sikh Relief Adv. Gurjeet Singh Khalon tore the case apart piece by piece exposing lie after lie, leaving Judge Priti Sehni convinced she had halted yet another potential miscarriage of justice occurring at the hands of Panjab’s corrupt and politicised so-called law officers.

Singh still remains incarcerated as he has a further case to answer, it includes unlawful activities related to simply professing his opinions on Facebook.

His application for bail is expected to be granted later this week and with Waheguru’s Beant Kirpa he will return home to his three siblings . His parents passed away whilst he was in prison.

Sikh Relief will continue to support the family and will be offering a place for them among our Kirat Kamai project soon.

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