Gursoch Kaur becomes first Sikh turban auxiliary police officer in New York Police Department

NewYork (May20) In India, where the Sikh Kaum is constantly being pressurized and insulted .There, Sikhs are getting a bigger honor every day in foreign countries. Today the Sikhs are seated in the positions of police officers to Defense Minister and they are in the complete Sikhi form. 

This week, another big honor for the entire Sikh community took place when the first turbaned Sikh women joined the New York police. The New York Police Department will include Gursoch Kaur as the first turbaned Sikh female auxiliary police officer. Gursoch Kaur has completed her graduation from the New York City Police Academy last week. Sikh Officers Association tweeted about this, adding that “ Sikh Officers Association is proud to welcome First Sikh Turbaned Female Auxiliary Police Officer in the NYPD. APO Gursoch Kaur and other Auxiliary Police Officers graduated from the Academy. We are proud of you. Your service will be a motivation for others to join the Law enforcement Family”. 

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