UK Sikh MP Preet Gill Opposes Aug 12 Pro-Khalistan Rally in London

London: (August 8, 2018)“Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) which is organizing the August 12th event in Trafalgar Square to kick start the first ever global referendum among 30 million Sikhs for Independence of Punjab took a strong exception to the statement of Indian origin MP Preet Gill advising her voters against participating in pro Khalistan rally in London.

Sikh MP from Birmingham Edgbaston Preet Gill has reportedly warned her constituents who are planning to participate in London Declaration event of the possibility of legal action in India.

Questioning the motive of MP Gill’s letter just days before the Aug 12th event, Dupinderjit Singh SFJ-UK Coordinator said that “we respect every MP’s views on non-binding referendum and its impacts, however, in the case of MP Gill, she is using scare tactics to coax her voters into abstaining from participation in Aug 12 event which openly serves Indian government’s objectives”.

“On one hand she does not agree with the concept of non-binding referendum and on the other hand she is directing us to engage with Dal Khalsa in Punjab which is also vehemently opposing non-binding referendum”.

“The question that needs to be answered by Preet Gill is whose interests she really represents: her constituents – the UK Sikhs? Indian government? or failed and rejected leadership of Dal Khalsa Punjab?” added Dupinderjit Singh.

SFJ is holding a non-binding referendum in the year 2020 throughout the world on the issue of Sikhs’ right of self-determination for the independence of Punjab – the historical homeland of Sikhism.

In furtherance of its campaign for non-binding Referendum 2020, SFJ is holding “London Declaration” on August 12 at Trafalgar Square. The aim of the event is to spread among the world community an awareness about Sikh peoples’ right of self-determination and its endeavors to hold a referendum in Punjab for realization of this fundamental political right.

Issued By:
Gurpatwant Singh Pannun,
Legal Advisor, Sikhs For Justice
T: +1-718-714-8285
Twitter: @Pannun_Lawyer

Dupinderjit Singh
Coordinator SFJ-UK

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