SCCEC condemns Manjit Singh GK, President-Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and President-Shromini Akali Dal, Badal (Delhi-State) attempts to mislead Sikh Diaspora

London Declaration of Referendum 2020 has garnered worldwide support for Punjab Independence which does not sit well with Indian Government and it is sending their mouthpieces like GK overseas to create confusion
Appeal to all “Panthic Parties” and Sikh Diaspora to be prepared for such onslaughts as more Indian Agents in the garb of Sikhs to follow

Newyork (August 24)Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast (SCCEC) in an emergency teleconference last night condemned the attempt by Indian Agencies to confuse and mislead Sikh Diaspora on the demand of sovereign Sikh Nation Khalistan and its legal way to obtain it through Referendum 2020. All (85) member Gurdwaras and Jatehbandis who called in a two hour long conference call vehemently protested against the visit of Manjit Singh GK. The members’ one after the other presented their thoughts how to counter the ill perceived propaganda by the biased Indian media to unfairly malign the protestors of GK.

Manjeet GK who sent by Badals and other Indian anti-Sikh groups to counter the “Justice Ranjit Singh Commission Report” which has directly implicated both Badals and their cohorts for the murder and injuries to innocent Sikhs at Bargari, Punjab in 2015 where they were peacefully protesting the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) at various places in Punjab

According to press release issued by SCCEC “ Below are the salient points agreed to by consensus for release to Global Sikh Community and the Panthic Jathebandis in Punjab and USA.

1. Appeal for complete and absolute unity among all Sikh Religious and Political Parties in Punjab and abroad to achieve Independence of Punjab via Referendum 2020.

2. Make a Joint Action Committee of all Panthic Jathebandis to chalk out a collective plan to stop any moves by Indian Machinery to disrupt and mislead Sikh Diaspora and Sikhs in Punjab.

3. Boycott “Jus Panjabi” who has unfairly maligned the protestors of GK by telling lies. The protest happened on a roadside on the night of August 20th, 2018. Jus Panjabi is wrong when it says that it was an attack on freedom of press. The protest didn’t happen on their facilities. Jus Panjabi is hyping it to get more viewership. There was no attempt by any protestor to remove turban of anyone, as is clear from the video footage. The turban of GK’s brother fell off his head as in rage he charged towards the protestors.

4. Few Sikhs (volunteers from SAD Amritsar, Sikh Youth of America, Doaba Sikh Association, Sikhs For Justice) were sitting peacefully listening to the Kirtan at Smokey Park in New York City at a public function arraigned by Makhan Shah Lubana Gurdwara Management Committee on August 19th, 2018. They were forcibly removed by the 55+ Security Guards (hired by organizers) one hour before the arrival of the Manjit Singh GK, who was an invited speaker.

5.Appeal to all Sikhs, Sikh Gurdwaras and Sikh Groups in USA to stage peaceful protests wherever Manjit Singh GK goes with his entourage.“

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