Several Minorties organizations demonstrated jointly against Hindutva agenda of RSS

Chicago (September 8) Several Sikh organisations including SIkh Coordination Committee East Coast,  SIkhs For Justice, Council of Khalistan, Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar , Muslims, Christians, Kashmiris  and Dalit organizations demonstrated against Hindutva agenda of RSS near Chicago on September 8, 2018. Several hundred people attended the protest which was followed by parade.

The RSS mobs have been engaged in a systematic violence against Muslims, who have been doing the dairy, leather, or beef trades for generations, and against Christians for proselytizing. “Cow protection” lynch mobs of Bajrang Dal have attacked and killed entire families of innocent people on the suspicion of eating beef.

Mohan Bhagwat, Chief of RSS has openly called for ‘Hinduvta’ a term used by Hindu Militants to make India a “Hindu Nation”. In his several nationally televised speeches in India, Bhagwat has declared all minority religions in India as ‘Hindus’. RSS has a declared agenda to make India a Hindu Nation by year 2023. RSS vigilantes has murdered several people in cold blood in the name of cow vigilantism. In one incident in Uttar Pradesh province, RSS goons slaughtered an entire Muslim family on the suspicion that they have eaten beef. These type of incidents under the name of cow vigilantism are common place in India.

BJP- the political wing of RSS, is the ruling Party of India since 2014. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s (who is also a RSS member) has tacitly supported these moves. The police and the administration have looked the other way when these extra judicial killings happen.  

(The CIA in its 2018 World Factbook Report has categorized RSS sister groups Vishav Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal as ‘militant religious organizations’. The CIA Factbook also includes RSS Leader Mohan Bhagwat and VHP’s Pravin Togadia among those who lead numerous religious and militant/chauvinistic organizations)

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has designated India as “country of particular concern,” or CPC, under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA).

Open Doors (OD), USA in their 2018 Report has listed India as the “Most dangerous country for the minorities”.  

Following is a brief chronology of Religious and Human Right violations by the Hindu Majority Regimes:

• 1984 – Sikh Genocide in Amritsar, Punjab in month of June, killing more than 10,000 and destroying Sri Akal Takht in Golden Temple Complex; in month of November in Delhi and all major cities of India, killing 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi alone.

• 1992 – Historic Babri Masjid (mosque) demolished by BJP, VHP mobs under the command of LK Advani, past president of BJP.

• 1999 – Graham Staines, an Australian Christian Missionary burnt alive by Dara Singh of Bajrang Dal in his car along with his 10 year and 6 year old sons in Odisha province.

• 2002 – Muslim Genocide in Gujrat province, more than 2000 Muslims massacred by BJP/RSS mobs, the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of BJP ruled government at that time.

• 2008 – Hindutva (Hindu Nationalists) group lynch mobs killed at least 50 Christians and burnt 730 Houses and Churches in Kandhamal, Odisha province.

• 2014 – RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat declares “Hindusatn is a Hindu Nation and Hindutva is its identity and all minority religions (Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists) living in India are “Hindus”.  

• 2015 – A Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh province lynched by Bajrang Dal mob after the incendiary remarks about minorities by Yogi Aditya Nath, a Hindu Nationalist priest who was selected to run the country’s most populous state.

• 2015- Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), the Sikhs Divinely revealed holy book was defiled in more than 157 places in Punjab province. Peacefully protesting Sikhs were indiscriminately fired upon by the Police killing two (2) and leaving scores injured.

• 2016 – 2017, Several incidents of “Cow Vigilantism” by RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal miscreants throughout the country killing scores of minorities.

• 2017- 150 Hindu outfits in a four-day long conclave in Goa declare their long cherished dream to make India “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu Nation) by year 2023.

• 2018 – Akhil Bhartiya Itihas Sankalan Yojna (ABISY), a history research organization affiliated with RSS starts a campaign to Saffronize Indian history books.   

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