Victim Of 1984 Sikh Genocide Anshdeep Singh Becomes The 1st Sikh Officer In Trump’s Security Squad

Washington (September 14-2018) Ludhiana-born Anshdeep Singh has created history by becoming the first Sikh officer to be included in U.S. President Donald Trump’s security squad.  He was inducted after he successfully completed all the rounds of rigorous training set for the important job.

Notably, Anshdeep’s kin were victim of the 1984 Sikh Genocide in India. During the mass killings his uncle and a close relative were murdered at their Kanpur residence, whereas, his father survived after suffering three bullet injury 

However, this prestige and rank didn’t come easily for the officer. Earlier, Anshdeep was asked to compromise and modify his physical appearance before his induction, which was challenged by him in court. Eventually, the judgement was in his favour and he was successfully inducted. Anshdeep’s achievement is a proud moment indeed for the entire Sikh community across the globe.

He is a true example of someone who believes in his own principles and will not bend to the system to prove his worth.

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