Annual “Celebrate Diversity” event in Norwich blossomed with Dastaar Tying and Punjabi Food.

Norwich(September 18- 2018) As we all know after 9/11 incident took place there was a heat wave of Hate Crime on Sikhs living in America because of ignorance and lack of Understanding about Sikhism.

To address this Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Director Of United Sikhs Connecticut did various events to promote Awareness about Sikhism.

Khalsa said “Some times small talk with someone can change their perception and bring them clarity that Sikhism is entirely separate independent ethnic Religion.”

While celebrating 6th annual “Celebrate Diversity “ event in Howard Park Brown in Norwich Marina started by Norwich Rotary Club ,Sikhs Of Connecticut became one of the sponsors and served Punjabi Food with Brochure on Sikhism and Some volunteers also tied Dastaars on People.


Khalsa said “It was great response we got last year and this year when it comes to Dastaar tying”.

We had more than 100 people who came to us and were glad to tie Sikh Turban.

While tying them Dastaar we explain them that Sikh Turban is Article of faith for Sikhs and they are obligated to wear that every day.

Also some of the facts that 99% people in american who wear Turban are sikhs and not anyone else.

On this events many other united sikhs volunteers came to help made event successful.

Kuljit Singh Khalsa from Mansfield ,Maninder Singh Arora from Southington,Jaspal Singh Baath From Norwich,Gurpreet Singh from Royal Punjabi Resturant Norwich specially came from their respective towns in Connecticut to help in this event.

Khalsa also presented Encyclopedia on Sikhism to Bassem Gayed of Otis library along of Mayor of Norwich “Peter Nystrom” to increase book collection on Sikhism in their public library.

Khalsa said “I am proud of live in Norwich as City of Norwich really care about sikhs sentiments and they have proven that by putting Welcome signs at City entrances in Punjabi,Sikh Flag and Books in Library,Declaring Vaisakhi as National Sikh Day,1984 violence in sikhs as Genocide etc.”

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa said “ My eyes were full of tears when 12 year old came to me and said can you tie my turban one more time as I want to sleep in my Dastaar and go to school tommrow with it”.

Khalsa said “This meant a lot to me and my team and it made all of our hardwork worth it.”

Other local politicians like City Council Members,State Senators,State Representatives we’re also present during the event to support this event.

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