Sikhs of Connecticut to hold 34th Commemorate Of “1984 Sikh Genocide” in State Capitol Of Connecticut

Connecticut (September 19-2018) One of the Biggest achievement of Khalsa Panth this year was that State Of Connecticut Passed a law in Connecticut to commemorate Nov 1st every year as “Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day”.

On Request Of Members Of Word Sikh Parliament Connecticut State Senator Cathy Osten and State Representative Kevin Ryan moved a notion in Connecticut General Assembly to Recognize Sikh Genocide.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa From Connecticut told that it was long process to get Sikh Genocide Passed as Senate Bill 489 was first Passed in House ,then In Senate and then finally Signed by Governor Of Connecticut to take shape of Law.

Khalsa said “This year we have organized an event on Nov 10th 2018 in State Capitol to Commemorate Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day and we request everyone to join us in this event”.

Khalsa said “We expect US state and Federal level leadership to join us in this Commemoration along with Sikh Leaders worldwide”.

Event Details are as follow:
Nov 10th 2018-Saturday -1pm to 3pm Connecticut State Capitol Legislative Building.
For more details contact (757)291-5211.

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