Sikh Sewak Society International USA Honored First Sikh American Attorney General

Newyork (September 20-2018) Swaranjit Singh Khalsa President SIKH Sewak Society International USA Honored first Sikh Attorney General Gurbir Singh Grewal on being appointed as NewJersey Attorney General.

Annual dinner was hosted by South Asian Bar Association(SABAC) on Thursday September 20 at 6:00 at the Hartford Hilton in which Swaranjit Singh Khalsa was also invited as guest for his selfless services to bring various communities together and to help raise awareness about Sikhism in Connecticut.

As you know Gurbir Singh Grewal is first South Asian to hold the position of Attorney General in NJ and the first Sikh-American to hold the position in United States history. 

Gurbir Singh Grewal in his speech told how he has been also been victim of Bigotry and hate and often being picked up due to his articles of faith and how it’s is his priority to create environment where everyone is treated equally.

Swaranjit singh Khalsa also commented that “Sikhs are hardworking and honest people who believe in Justice and love for all and I am glad that one Sikh was appointed for this position”.

Khalsa said “In Connecticut we have worked a lot on created environment where everyone feels connected to their cities and state despite of their color,religion or background and got fruitful results and cooperation from Govt. various departments.”

He said “ So far with help of volunteers from Sikh Community and with help of FBI,US attorney office and Department of Justice we have educated more than 1200 police officers all across state about who Sikhs are and what are their articles of faith”.

We also Recognized Sikhs most sacred day “Vaisakhi” in Senate and House Of United State with help of Congressman Joe Courtney and Senator Chris Murphy.

He said that “Nov 1st is recently been declared by State Of Connecticut as Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day “ which is great achievement that Sikhs were even able to do something at Legislative level as well.

Khalsa also informed that City of Norwich has also posted Welcome signs in Punjabi and Also wrote Punjabi on their Peace Pole monument.

Khalsa said “It all started from root level when we started celebrating Sikh Awareness days in various cities and started recognizing Vaisakhi as National Sikh day and Sikh Genocide at City level all across Connecticut.”

At the end Swaranjit Singh Khalsa congrats Gurbir Singh and Honored him with Sikh Genocide Commemoration Coin.

On this event former US Attorney Deirdre Daly,US attorney Sarala Nagala,Amarjit Singh Ambassador Of Department Of Justice and many other members of Bar Association were present to honor Gurbir Singh Grewal.

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