City Hall in Connecticut will Have Welcome Sign in Punjabi and other 20 Languages

(Sept 21st 2018) Swaranjit Singh Khalsa President Sikh Sewak Society International and Member Commission of City Plan of Norwich Created Welcome Sign in 21 different language which he Released to Connecticut Residents after his closing remarks at Peace Pole celebrations event sponsored by Norwich Rotary Club.

This Welcome sign that include Punjabi,English,Turkish,Arabic,German,Tamil,Hindi,Polish,Chinese,Spanish and many other languages was Presented to Norwich City Mayor “Peter Nystrom “ who ensured that sign will be put up in City Hall so it can get maximum exposure.

Khalsa said “We should celebrate and focus on achievements of our city rather than complaining about things”.

Khalsa said “We have Welcome Signs at City entrances,Our Public school Recognize more than 30 languages,we have 30 languages on our peace poles including American Sign Language,we have various events in our city like taste of Italy etc. These are all big achievements that even when immigrant population is only 30% we have more events than any other city to embrace our diversity”.

He also Thanked State Senator “Cathy Osten” for declaring 1984 Anti-Sikh Violence as Genocide in Connecticut.

Khalsa also said “I would like to enlighten everyone about Punjabi version of May peace prevail on the earth on peace pole.

These words in Punjabi Language “Sarbat Da Bhalla” are taken from universal Sikh Prayer which means oh lord we prayer for everyone on earth and please Shower your love and blessing to everyone.

So when 50 millions sikhs world wide Prayer every day they ask for wellbeing of everyone instead of just for their community which itself is amazing and unique thing to do.”

At the end Khalsa said “ In order to accomplish Andy thing we need right leadership and people with courage and strong will power and I am glad that we have both of these things available in our State”.

The event was great success and many other civic and community leaders participated in the event including city council members,Senators and State Representatives.

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