American Sikhs stand in Solidarity with Jewish Community after Shooting In Synagogue.

Norwich,Connecticut USA

Nov 1st 2018

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Member World Sikh Parliament making Speech and Parminder Pal Singh Khalsa Along with Mayor Of Norwich Peter Nystrom Holding Sign “Sikhs for World Peace”.

Interfaith Service and gathering was held in Beth Jacob Synagogue In Norwich,Connecticut in response to shooting on Members Of Jewish Community in Pittsburgh synagogue.

Many Faith Leaders,Elected officials including U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal participated in the event to show their solidarity to Jewish Community.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa President Sikh Sewak Society International USA who is also Member Of World Sikh Parliament and serving in Commission of City Plan Of Norwich was also present to pay homage to people who died during Massacre and gave his remarks in a very bold way.

Khalsa Started his Remarks with Sikh greeting “Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh” and said

“This is Sikh Greeting which teaches us to always be in sprit Of Chardikala and have faith in that one almighty god no matter what happen.

Today we all have gathered to honor the 11 people who lost their lives during shooting in tree of life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we have gathered to fulfill our civic duty as a society to get together to denounce any kind of hate,bigotary and violence on anyone and anywhere.

Shooting news in synagogue took me back 6 years when on Aug 5th 2012 gunman entered Sikh Place Of worship in Oak creek ,Wisconsin known as  Gurudwara and killed 6 worshippers so I can say that Sikh Community can feels the pain and suffering the Jewish Community is going thru at this point world wide.

This is very shameful that some people at the highest positions of power are still not doing anything against gun violence.

These kinds of incident are terrifying other minority communities as well so this is matter of all of our concern at all levels and we must act and take this seriously.

I want to reminder everyone today is that don’t forget that real America is the America which we talk during history of thanksgiving as real american were the people who helped others to settle down and even shared food with them.

Real american values will not be suppressed with anyone’s hate speeches and we will use our goodness instead of hate to make America  great.

I must say Attack on Place Of workshop is Attack on community’s identity and Even Sikhs holiest Place Darbar Sahib was attacked In June 1984 with the intention to destroy Sikh sprit but Sikhism even got more flourished after thousands of sikhs worshippers were killed.

I also want to share with you all that most of Sikh places of worship today are commentating 34 th anniversary of Sikh Genocide which happens in Nov 1 in 1984 but at the same time they are also doing prayers for the victims of Pittsburgh shooting.

I choose to be here in synagogue with my Jewish brothers and sisters and my people of  norwich instead of going to Gurudwara just to make a point that no matter where we go.

Place of worship of god is same as their is only one god.”

Khalsa ended his speech by saying “At the end I just say words of our 10th guru guru Gobind singh ji that “Maanas ki jaat Sab eke phechanvo” which means Recognize All Human Race as one.”


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