United Nations Made Aware of Indian Consulate Defaming American Citizens-Defamation Case on Indian Diplomat

November 15th 2018
Sikhs of East Coast Meet with NewYork Office Of High Commsioner for Human Rights under leadership of World Sikh Parliament.
Other NGO’s and Sikh organizations were also invited in that meeting to discuss Sikh Issues globally.
Karamveer Singh,Rajesh Singh and Satleen kaur from United Sikhs which is Sikh NGO’s discussed the issue of Hate Crime and Asylum to Sikhs in Afghanistan and Japan.
Himmat Singh ,Gurninder Singh,Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Members Of Word Sikh Parliament Gave Director Craig Mokhiber Memorendum that Counterparts of WSP gave in Geneva to United Nations.
One another memorandum was given by Swaranjit Singh Khalsa from Sikhs Of Connecticut in which Human Rights Violation done by India on Minorities including Sikhs,Christians, Muslims,Dalits, Kashmiris, Tamils and Mool Niwasi’s residing in India Union. were highlighted.
Other points from That memorandum are as follow:
1)Not only is there interference, but more importantly there is misrepresentation of the Sikh Community of America by the Indian Consulate. They get involved in Gurdwaras. They start altercations and publicize anything negative that they can.
2)Documents are attached in reference to the Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day Commemoration, that was held in the State Capitol Of Connecticut on Nov 10th 2018. The docs show how an Indian Consulate wrote letters to American Senators and abused Sikh Human Rights activists and called them “Terrorist”.
3)The right of Self Determination of Sikhs are being violated by the Indian Govt. by not allowing Sikhs to hold unofficial Referendum in 2020.
4)Indian Govt. still refers to the Sikh Genocide of 1984 as Riots, which is a false statement. The Sikh Community has proof and multiple eye witnesses which proves that it was Government funded.
The Indian Government condemns those States and Cities in the United States, who raise their voice to defend the Sikh Nation and declare Anti-Sikh Violence as Genocide.
5)Riparian Water Right Of Punjab under International Law is being denied and Indian Govt. still not paying punjab and using its water for other states.
6)Indian Government still remains incompetent to find out people who are responsible for Sacrilege Of Guru Granth Sahib ji in India In 2015.
7)Sikh Political Prisoners are still behind bars including Sikh Supreme Leader Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara for years without any crime proven by them.
8)Justice has not been served to the countless number of families whose family members had been tortured and killed. People who are responsible for that tragic event, still roam around freely til this date, while families still grieve their losses without knowing where they are or what happened to them.
9)Sikhism is Ethnic Religion with 50 million followers and countries should treat Sikhism as separate ethnicity when time for census comes.
Khalsa said Sikhs are Homeless and United Nation and international Laws are only strength Sikhs have.
At the end Khalsa said that “I Hope NewYork office of High Commission for Human Rights will intervene and will stand in solidarity with Sikh Nation to resolve these issues of Community in timely Manner”.
In Response to all the issues Sikhs raised Human Rights Commissioner Craig Mokhiber replied in very positive way.
He said that United Nation knows about Persecution of Sikhs in Punjab and other States Of India and Sikhs should also report to Counter-Terrorism branch of UN Human Rights about India Labeling Terrorist.
He also gave surety that We will look at the report carefully submitted by WSP in Geneva.

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