Why Sikh American Sued Indian Diplomat with Defamation Case ?


Nov 17th 2018

Connecticut based Sikh Activist Swaranjit Singh Khalsa has Sued Indian Consulate General Of NewYork Sandeep Chakarvorty for defaming Sikh Community Of Connecticut and Sikh Community in General.

Recently State Of Connecticut made law thru Public Act 18-60 for Commemorating Sikh Genocide Of 1984.

In the Senate Resolution Bill No 489 it was mentioned that “The Governor Shall proclaim November Thirtieth Of Every Year to be Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day”.

Bill also mentioned that “Suitable Exercises May be held in the State Capitol and elsewhere as the Governor designated for the observances of that day”.

Sikhs of Connecticut gathered on Nov 10th 2018 in Connecticut State Capitol Legislative Building to Commemorate 1984 Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day in which State Senator Cathy Osten showed Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Letter from Indian Consulate NewYork against the Bill.

Cathy Osten also shared the letter with the gathering and said “I remember when we first started talking about the Genocide which happened in 1984 and quite frankly I was appalled . 

But I did my research to make sure that….. and I would like to call up my colleague Kevin Ryan who is also here today… ..because I think it is something that is doomed to happen over and over if we don’t recognize it and thats something that I think is important for people to know. 

I was talking a little bit earlier today and I received a letter. Its basically a form letter. They (India) crossed out the “going to” and put my name and its not a letter of great import from my perspective from India. And it said….as I have…I will just read the one paragraph that I think  sort of shows the denial of what has happened. It says:

 “As I have explained before, the anti Sikh violence had its roots in years of terrorism perpetuated by Sikh terrorists and cannot be subject to selective analysis. The purpose of the people who persuaded you to support this State Resolution is to weaken the India Union through divisive policies and this you will agree that we cannot allow to succeed”.

And I do agree that we should never allow divisive politics to be the order of the day.  BUT  as in any case where genocide has happened , the perpetrators of that genocide say “it wasn’t me” and they often blame the victims saying that “it was what they (victims) did that brought this about”. 

I would liken this to the Holocaust when the people said that “the Holocaust did not happen” and people today would still say “the Holocaust did not happen”, “those people did not really die”, “the death came was not real”. BUT  they (the Holocaust) were real and this (Nov 1984 Sikh Genocide) was real.

And I would expect that the Government of India would recognize that and stand up and say “We made a mistake”. Its also true that the United States occasionally makes mistakes. And we also have to recognize when we do so, because in order to move forward you have to recognize what you did that was wrong, even if you were not the one who perpetuated it. But this is still being perpetuated  and we need to stop it. And I am very proud to be here today.

Basically letter by Indian Consulate NewYork was in Response to Support letter by Senator Cathy Osten and State Representative Kevin Ryan for Senate Bill 489 send to Government Administration and Election Committee.

In that letter Senator Osten mentioned that “As you know,the city of Norwich is home to a growing Community.These Hard working families have made Connecticut and Norwich,In particular Their Home;Where they practice their faith and give back to Community.

Many moved to this country in 1989’s and 1990’s to escape Persecution in India.”

Senator also mentioned “The events leading to November 1984 Sikh Genocide can be traced to the decades of violence perpetuated by the ruling majority in India.Following the Assassination Of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,Approximately 30,000 sikhs were killed  in Capitol Of New Delhi,over the Course Of a four day period. In the decade that followed,over 150,000 people lost their lives to violence.”

Senator Osten also Requested to designate the Month Of November as Sikh Genocide Remembrance Month In lieu of one day.

When Indian Consulate came across this testimony they wrote letter to Senator Osten and also Meet Governor Of Connecticut and Told that No Genocide happened and Their was no persecution of Sikhs in India.


Sandeep Chakravorty in letter said “I would like to point out that there was no persecution of Sikhs in India.”

He also said “I would like to clarify that there has been No Sikh Genocide in India.The word Genocide cannot be used loosely”.

Sandeep Chakravorty said “ If one is looking for pre-cursor Of the anti-sikhs Violence Of November 1984, it was violence and terrorism in India perpetrated by Sikh Separatists/terrorists with the support of Pakistan from across the border”.

He said “ However,the Fringe/radical elements of the Sikh Community in Connecticut appears to be oblivious of what has happened in the past and are carrying on their vociferous,pernicious and divisive campaign as they see money and power for themselves in this.”

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa who has also received Award last year from FBI in Washington DC and also serving in Norwich Commission of City Plan said “It takes lot of time,efforts and Resources to serve local Norwich community as well as To address grievances Of Sikh Community and someone like this indian Diplomat try to shatter reputation is very unfortunate and unacceptable “.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa who spearheaded this bill filled defamation case against indian Consulate General Of NewYork in Manhattan Court.

Khalsa said “India is trying to suppress Human Rights Activist voices in free country like America now.

I think it should be treated as crime calling hard working american Radicals.

Khalsa said “ Indian Consulate General Mr. Sandeep Chakarvorty has insulted my Sikh Community Of Connecticut and Norwich and represented wrong facts to my elected officials so being a Sikh Leader I had no option except for the option to file defamation case against him so he knows Sikh Community will not tolerate these kinds of misrepresentation and you will not be able to suppress voice of Sikh Nation”.


Khalsa also said “We will continue our work for Sikh Independence under United Nation guidelines and within boundaries of American Laws and India won’t be able to threat us or stop us”.

Khalsa said that “Despite Of Negativity spread by Indian Diplomats we did event in State Capitol and we not just got recognized by State General Assembly but also by State Comtroller,8 Cities and also by US Senator Richard Blumenthal”.

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