American Sikhs want Seperate Tab in US Census 2020.

US Sikh Organizations Demand Separate Category for Sikhs in Census 2020.

  • Sikhism is an Ethnic Religion – American Sikhs

Sikhism is 5th Largest and Independent Ethnic Religion and Sikhs have been living in America for more than 125 years and have contributed towards american society culturally ,Economically, socially and politically.

Sikhs are a legally recognised ethnic group under the UK’s Race Relations Act 1976 and campaigners for the change believe this gives them a strong grounds to identify themselves separately from current census options, such as Indian or Asian.

A special meeting of Sikh Organizations was facilitated By Sikh Sewak Society International USA President “Swaranjit Singh Khalsa” with office of US senator Chris Murphy, US Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congressman Joe Courtney in Washington DC to raise issue of US Census Of 2020 in which they demanded Sikhs should be given distinct religious category.

Organization urged American government and US Census Department to provide Sikhs of America with Distinct Religious Category.

Providing Sikhs with different category will not just help identify various bullying incidents and hate crimes which happens on sikhs everyday but also need of time when people confuse american sikhs with other religious groups.

Paramjit Singh and Sarandeep Singh From Voices Of Freedom,Dr.Bakshish Singh From Sikhs for Justice,Pawan Singh From Organization Of Minorities joined with other members of community to raise issues Sikhs facing in Indian Occupied Punjab and in America.

They also urged Various Sikh human rights and advocacy groups and Sikh american congressional Caucus to take steps in this direction and have US Census department to have special Separate category for Sikhs in 2020.

After 9-11 their has been Numerous attacked on American Sikhs specially unforgettable tragedy of Wisconsin Gurudwara shooting in 2012.

It has been seen that attack on sikhs are due to mistaken identity and till now Date Sikhs have to fill in to category of Asian Indian which takes away the chance to educate fellow Americans about their distinct religion.

Various other issues were discussed with US Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal Office including release of Sikh political prisoners who have completed their terms but still in Indian Jails.

During briefing Sikh Delegation made Them aware about successful White House petition which was filed for release of Sikhs Supreme Leader Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara and about petition to condemn Section 25B Of Indian Constitution which says Sikhs are part of Hindu religion and threat Sikh identity. 

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