Proposed flag of State of Punjab was Hosted in Downtown Norwich by Sikhs of Connecticut.

Norwich,CT USA

City of Norwich in Connecticut is always in News to promote the diversity of its town with Welcome Signs in various languages and now one of the initiatives by Global City Norwich was to include various flags in downtown area.

Due to this city initiative diversity of the town is celebrated every day as you can see these flags from various countries all over norwich.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Member Norwich Area Clergy Association and Member Commission of City Plan on Request of local Sikh business owners designed the flag of punjab and hosted with other sikhs in downtown norwich area.
Khalsa said “Now with rest of flags everyone will get opportunity to see flag of Punjab and I am sure this will make local Sikhs and Punjabi business owner proud of their city”.

While explaining the details of symbol embedded in flag Khalsa said “5 lines represent 5 rivers of punjab and told Punjab itself means land of 5 rivers, Kirpan (Dagger and double edge sword) represent justice and religious freedom to all and Wheat crops symbolize main occupation of people of punjab which is agriculture”.

Khalsa also said “Text written under symbol is “DEG TEG FATEH” which means economic prosperity and social justice for all ,and this is the mission of every sikh”.
Request was made by sikhs of Connecticut to people of punjab to adopt this flag and promote this message of oneness and fairness in the whole world.

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