Sikh Community of Connecticut Welcomed Governor Lamont signing “Trust Act” to protect Immigrants and refugees.


State of Connecticut which has always been one of the state who has been vocal about standing in solidarity with refugees and immigrants community has again shown its support to protect rights of immigrants by signing Trust Act.

Governor Ned Lamont signed the bill yesterday and made a law in Connecticut that places limitations on when Connecticutlaw enforcement officers can hold individuals and from detaining someone on basis of immigration status until and unless the person is guilty of serious felonies, on the terrorist watch list, or a judicial warrant has been issued.

This also limits law enforcement sharing info with ICE; and requires law enforcement to inform an individual when ICE has requested their detention.

The office of Governor Ned Lamont Released a video on social media with video message from Governor on Tuesday (June 18th 2019) saying that he’s proud to sign the Connecticut Trust Act, and “we’re a nation of immigrants and refugees and nothing the president does will ever change that.”

Senate Bill No. 992 Public Act No. 19-20 “AN ACT CONCERNING THE TRUST ACT” was passed by Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly and now signed by Governor will be Effective from October 1, 2019.

“Swaranjit Singh Khalsa” Director “United Sikhs” Connecticut Chapter and President of “Sikh Sewak Society International USA” welcomed this bill and said “After President Trump Recent Statement I have seen Fear in Immigrant Communities of Connecticut.”

He added “This fear factor is nation wide but I am proud to be resident of State of Connecticut who understand problems of immigrants and back them”.

Also to give historical view point of community He said “Most of the Sikhs came to America after 1984 Sikh Genocide by Indian Govt. and its good to see that Gov.Lamont and State of Connecticut welcoming and protecting immigrant rights in this State who Sikhs call it Home now”.

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