Sikh Leader suggests to move forward with Educational Campaign after 1984 Sikh Genocide Memorial was removed due to Indian govt. intervention.


Nov 1st 2019

Even tho due to Indian Govt. Interference our Connecticut Citizens lost one opportunity to educate themself on Sikh Genocide but Sikh Community will keep up with educational campaigns about this issue.

It is very important to know the history the way it happened so these events don’t repeat in future.

Sikhs are not just active socially and politically but also helping state of Connecticut in their economic development for more than 40 years.

When people are leaving Connecticut ,Sikhs are moving in and opening businesses and buying houses.

In last 5 years from 2 Gurdwaras (Sikh place of worship and learning) now we have five that tells Sikh population is increasing at good pace.

I suggest United States should recognize Nov 1st as “Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day” and Month of November as “Sikh Genocide Awareness Month” so educational institutions and libraries feel backed up on this issue.

I also Appeal Sikh students to have symposium in University and other educational institutes to educate fellow American citizens about 1984 Sikh Genocide.

It will be wise to say that our countries federal leaders are also not equipped with knowledge and facts about Sikh genocide and they should participate in these educational event so they can feel comfortable raising Sikhs issues in parliaments,Senate,house etc.

White House also agreed that Mass numbers of Human rights violations were done during 1984 and we need to make India accountable for its crimes against humanity.

State of Connecticut already passed two laws one to commemorate Nov 1st as Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day and other to have education in public schools about genocides and holocaust.

Now State and cities education board should enforce that and include Education of Sikh Genocide in curriculum along with Holocaust so these kinds of event don’t repeats itself and marginalized community can have some closure.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa

President : Sikh Sewak Society International USA

Coordinator: UN and NGO Council – World Sikh Parliament (USA)

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