Sikhs in America Marked 35th Commemoration of “1984 Sikh Genocide” by India.

-Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut Genreal Assembly Recognized Nov 1st as “Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day”.

-Indian Consulate NewYork failed as “1984 Sikh Genocide Memorial” is alive again in Connecticut.

-US Federal leaders should acknowledge Sikh Genocide by India just like they did Armenian Genocide to ensure safety of Sikhs living in Indian Occupied Punjab.

-American Sikhs Gave Credit to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for Kartarpur Corridor Opening Ceremony that happened same day.


Nov 9th 2019

The Candle Light Vigil was held by Sikhs of Connecticut to Mark 35th year of Sikh Genocide outside City Hall of Norwich with the message that “More we Get Suppressed More we will shine”. 

This annual event was held last year in State Capitol of Connecticut when Governor Dan Malloy Signed the bill introduced by Senator Cathy Osten to Commemorate Nov 1st every year as “Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day”.

This year also State Senator Cathy Osten was one of the keynote speakers and was greeted by Sikh community with great enthusiasm.

Senator Osten Gave Citation to Sikh Community leaders recognizing Sikh Genocide and told that when she got call from Indian Consulate not to move forward with the Bill regarding Sikh Genocide she bluntly said NO to them just because it’s a wrong thing to do.

She said me and my colleagues stand by Sikh community and will always make sure these chapters of history get recognized so they don’t repeats itself.

Dean O’Brien Executive Assistant of Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff also came on Senate to show solidarity with Sikh Community.

Mayor of Norwich Peter Nystrom where recognized Community with Proclamtion also said “Your History is My History and we Respect that”.

Norwich City Council Newly elected members also came including Alderwomen Stacy Gould,Alderman Bill Nash,Alderwomen Ella Myles and Alderman Joe Delucia.

Alderman Joe Delucia read the proclamtion on Behalf of Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont and recognized that their is great need for education on this topic.

Sikh Genocide Memorial which was removed by Otis Library of Norwich was also seen at event and Sikhs told that now this memorial is mobilized and we will keep it alive and take it to each event with us.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa President of Sikh Sewak Society International USA told that Wauregan Gallery Director Dan Topalis made announcement that he will keep Memorial in his gallery for one month so people can come and see it.

He also said we have request from various colleges and universities as they also want this to be placed.

Khalsa said “Removal of Memorial came out as blessing in disguise and seems like God have mysterious way of working. Now this memorial will travel and due to removal the exposure we got we would have got even it Memorial was in library by next 20 years”.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa who is only Sikh elected Offical of Connecticut Said “Goal of today’s event is education.

We want fellow Americans to be Education about one of the biggest human rights violations on earth which even our White House has acknowledged.

Khalsa said “The fact is that Indian Govt and it’s media always try to make it look communal by using words roits for this govt. sponsored killing of sikhs.”

Many Faith based leaders also come to show their love and support for Sikh Nation including Bahia’s and Muslim Community leaders.

Manmohan Singh Bharara President of Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbar Hamden made announcement that Sikhs will now move forward and make their own museum and will name it “Sikh Heritage and Genocide Museum”.

Himat Singh Member World Sikh Parliament,Baljinder Singh Member Doaba Sikh Association,Kuljit Singh Khalsa Member Sikh Sewak Society International USA,Baksish Singh,Veer Singh Mangat,Gurmeet Singh Members of Gurudwara Guru Teg Bahadar Foundation,Bhai Mahinder Singh from Gurudwara Raam Das Darbar Windsor,Jaspal Singh Baath,Davinder Singh Deol and Pawan Singh along with Many other Sikhs Community dignities joined the event.

Newly elected Board of  Education Members Carline Carmelus,Mark Kulos and Kevin Saythany also came to attend this educational event.

Karthikeya Prabu Natarajan Representative Of Tamil Community along with his wife Betsy Joy from American Humanist Society also joined and was among the guest speakers.

Mr. Abdul Halim Jones from Muslim Community of CT along with Sheetal Chhabria from Hindu community who is also historian of South Asia and associate professor at Connecticut College came to share her experiences and to say words of comfort for Sikhs.

City Historian Dale Plummer also came to pay his regards for Sikh Community.

Many other dignities and personalities from City of Norwich and from State came to share their respect for community which made sikhs more confident of all the work they do to promote education about 1984 Sikh Genocide

As This year Also marks 550 Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak who is founder of religion Sikh Leaders also gave Credit to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for opening Kartarpur Corridor so Sikhs can visit birth place of Guru Nanak.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa said “This shows that even other countries recognize Sikh Homeland Punjab and Pain of Sikh Nation that despite of Bitter relationship with India Due to Kashmir Pakistan Still showed Sikh Nation this fine gesture “.

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